Reviews for "The Bar Pick-Up"

Hey hey.

Pretty good for a seduction game. I won (of course). The graphics had that unique brand of drawn life to them, and everything moved fluently - Though it would've been better had you not included the male voice at every turn. The vocie acting itself seemed unnatural in some spots - But this is only a minor flaw.


dig the corny jokes.... yeah was kinda dissapointing in the end, but i guess that was actually the most realistic outcome, unless you were trying to charge a pub slut. If you make a sequel you should have a choice of girl to pick up, that like different things and you have to go about them different.....also like difficulty levels, eg the skanky slut would be easy but she doesnt look the best and the hot as model material babe is like expert difficulty. Neway good game dude 5/5

Very Good

This was an incredible display of the complexity of the pick-up situation and how you must be careful to not overstress a certain objective :) 5/5


I must admit it was kind of better the 2nd time of played, good thing the first time I wrote down all the answers, so I have a first class ticket to winning it, either way, good game, can't wait for the sequel.

Love it!

Well that was great fun, and easy as well. Just be a polite gentleman and you'll get the girl =)