Reviews for "The Bar Pick-Up"


Great Art, Sound ,atmosphere morals. To the total uneducated/shy this is a guide!!! If some dude uses this and scores what an accomplish this film is!!
Worth all the time im sure you put in.


pretty good game. Fun an has good information about how not to act or seem like a jackass. Can't wait for the sequel. Just this seemed slow and if the sequel would be faster, that would be great.

Idiotic ending

The game was good, but ending was unexpected. You should make more better ending and improve sound.


ya entertainer13 its true i just had 7 guys act like jackass's to me last night at the bar. gusse what i said get a life... low lifer... lol

good job

nice job well done..blah blah blah.. anyway umm it was pretty good and it was a good informational showlike game quiz thing.. again anyway it was good so.. yea good job