Reviews for "The Bar Pick-Up"

Don't think like a playa, think like a person.

Good game, but not as hard as some might think. Just think which response will get you slapped and do the opposite. It becomes easy after a while. Just go with the flow and you'll get the girl.

geez you have to start over again

damn it.. it's lame and boring.

all the choices are bad...

No one with half a brain would act like that around a real girl.

So Cheesy.....

The lines are so cheesy, I can't even find out what line too use, They all look wrong... I just right clicked and press Play to skip all this crap, If you used this on your girlfriend (If you have one) Then she never had a boyfriend, No one would use this line, It's so... cheap....

NICE but..

I accidently figgured out you can right click/ forward through the game -.- sorry lol