Reviews for "The Bar Pick-Up"

Oh, no...

Don't use these on a girl unless she is absolutely stupid. Not even a depressed, fat girl would actually fall for these lines, they're too cheesy.
Other than that, the game was okay, but what exactly was the pay-off? I got all the answers right, but then nothing. I'm guessing the ending will be in the sequel? And it's pretty short, needs more to it.

its ok

it was alright but ive played better

I still don't know if I won

1. Why do girls only drink gin and tonics? In every Pick Up a Chick game, it's always like the same 3 drinks.
2. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? No way. If a dude is asking me more than two times to go back to his apartment, he is pathetic. I bet that is a fake number. He sounded like a geeky dork and the girl wasn't interested or else she would have went home with him.

Night is young? Yeah right. She wants to meet someone cute, not a pussy faggot. Real Girls don't act like this, I'm going to have to agree with some of these people. Maybe some girls do, but I don't like guys who beg or seem like a pansy. You definitely have to be assertive. And no means no. Being cute won't help. You need to be sexy, be confident, and have charisma. A few jokes just looks corny, like you're trying to hard.

Make a sequel. And make it not suck.


It was really good, I hope you do ending up making a sequel. I would love to play it.

Love it!

Well that was great fun, and easy as well. Just be a polite gentleman and you'll get the girl =)