Reviews for "The Bar Pick-Up"

Just awful

There is nothing more annoying to a girl than a guy who is as desperate as the one in this game. Constantly asking for her number, for her to come back to the apartment, etc is pathetic.

There is no reason to repeatedly trash on the larger girl. Just because a girl is not stick thin does not mean she is any less of a person. Not only that, any girl would pick up on bad vibes toward a friend. It is obvious that you did not take the time to draw her properly (especially when the main character asks her for her name and what drink she wants), which shows that you are lazy. If you want to make a good game, all characters need the same aesthetic quality. You made her left eye considerably lower than her right and her expression is just sloppy.

Your objectification of women is sickening, to say the least. "In her mind...being yours." A man who has said nothing interesting will not get a girl to follow like a puppy on a leash.
"If she does she is probably strong willed." The way you did this made it seem like you were criticizing her.
Hell, you even objectified men. "Gabriel" and his wingman are generic jackasses that only drunk sluts would pay attention to. Controlling, horny, no personality, and clearly trying to split up the two friends. Girls do notice this kind of behavior.

If you are going to make a dating sim, and especially one that takes place in a bar, you should probably try using these lines on various women in real life. I promise you, nothing will happen. Unless she is the sort that is "taken home" every night.

It is difficult to tell whether or not Gabriel just wants some pootang. Yes, multiple references are made about wanting to nail her. But why would any man go through the motions of getting her number and attempting to charm her if that was all he wanted? You might as well leave that to the Meet N Fuck folks; they do a better job at it.

I found nothing enjoyable about this game.


Valuptuous women, plump women etc. may be disgusting to you, but need I remind you that big women are sexy to some men and it's not a God damn fetish and the guy isn't mental if he likes a big girl. To generalize your taste and apply that every guy is just like your shallow butt is repusling. Now, on critiquing this game, that was one of my BIG issues, second, I noticed the blonde girl had some "joint" problems. Her wrists were like the wooden model figures artists use in class to draw the body. Also, I agree with another guy, these questions were a bit cheesy, but I don't agree with going after a stupid girl. Take responsibility and if you know you're being down right dishonest and manipulating the situation and that girl just to sleep with her, I do NOT agree with that AT ALL. Don't use this on ANY girl. If she likes you and the feeling is mutual, fine, go ahead and do what you want at HER discretion. Also, the sound was low. I couldn't hear what the guy was saying and try explaining why the questions are red, yellow or green. I didn't catch the fact if they wer already mentioned, but so that they're clear, make sure you edit that. I understand that this game is nothing but sexual intentions and goals, but why not add some variety; direction. What do you want? Do you want a girl friend, a one night stand or a friend? It's up to you to do whatever you want with the sequal, but I am really disappointed in what words you used towards the chunky person and let me point out, the big girls facial features were way out of proportion with how you had her body. The double chin should have not been there because she's a reasonable size. Just let me get something straight, okay, some great girls are big woman and they're fantastic lovers, friends and just an over all great people. I really am disappointed. Treating big women, or any one or women for that matter, like they're less than human or like they're just plain, unfeeling animals is (even if it is a just a game) wrong.

You could have done such a wonderful job with this, but you lost my appeal.


no sex?! what a lame game bro!


lol the blond head looks like tinker bell


Are you kiddin me? This was a alright game, and it has awesome potential to be a good remake, maybe try making a new one, but just a checkpoint because it sucks going back and forth... Overall great and those guys who said the other stuff dont no jack shit.