Reviews for "The Bar Pick-Up"

this sucks

this game i couldnt finish i was checkin it out then when i i thought it was just a game but it was a sex game this sucks (:3 bunny

Reminds me of that time....

Good memories, 1st rule of getting girls, always have a fall guy. 2nd rule, always approach groups, never singles. 3rd and final, be funny. This game reinforces the very rules I'm currently teaching my little bro so he stops complaining that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Little winer baby lol.

Very well done

well the answers were good and you also explained why is something bad or good
even though its not really about sex, but about dating and what the girl said in all the things you were saying where normal to the human responses
the animations were not very good but i dont really care about it
i just put you a 9 instead of a 10, because of the kinda awkward ending

i couldn't finish it.

not because i am illiterate, which i am not, but because this game sucked majorly. I normally don't feel so bad about playing a game, but this game was just not good on so many levels.

First off, it's poor animation quality, which I can accept. I like games like this, where you basically click answers. My sound for the lady cut through half way through and I am not sure if this is because of the music, or just because the woman who was voice acting quit.

Secondly, it's degrading to women. You should never even put down a big boned girl. They're just as lovely as the rest of us. Also, girls aren't stupid. We don't ignore it when guys are rude about our friends. We can see it in a guys eyes when he is thinking rude remarks about our friends. Girls talk, so it gets around. Don't try to play a girl for sex. It will just end BADLY.

Speaking of playing a girl for sex, why did this game have to be about sex? These guys are jerks, it would have been better if the story line was more like "oh, I want to date her." or something like that, and you became nicer in the end. You just made two jerk characters that no girls would ever want to get a drink brought by.

@ venchinito

why the hell do games need 2 be aboot sex u a lonly gay boy who wanks off porn u sicko