Reviews for "The Bar Pick-Up"

Nice peace of advise :)

sinds its based on REAL things,i should think it would work for real.
and if it does'nt.. welll... at least it contains very good advise on how to NOT do it (or do...whatever).
About the 99% of the guys things. what if you would like to, but ar a real peace of lumber when it gets to it ?
know what... ill ask that sorta stuff with the NG-mail...

anyway..good game .. its more a date-training thing.
5 outa 5

Good game, though the whole pickup thing...

Good game, I liked the artwork and setup etc... the choices were interesting too, though it's too much trouble to try all of them since usually it makes you start all over, making exploration less attractive an option.

But anyway, the game was good for this kind of thing, and though the whole pickup moves thing makes me throw up - I hate the fake BSing tactics crap - the game was still enjoyable for what it was trying to achieve.

it was...all right...

I agree with sexytammi on the last review...there has got to be a bug in this game I made all the Money Moves--start to finish--and still got blew off even though the little comment boxes that appear after you make a choice were hinting that the best ending was forthcoming; right after I made the last Money Move in the game all I got was the "Play Again" box. What do I have to do, make all the WRONG moves to win the game?
All in all, it's all right. I gave you a 7 overall for effort but you really need to take a look at this game and find out of you indeed have a bug in here, better to be safe than sorry if the ending I got after making all the right moves is indeed the ending you had in mind when you made it...well...you better work on making your ending A LOT better; people play games to get endings to let them know that they completed it, to give a feeling of closure, not just see a lame "Play Again" box after doing everything right. Either do this game over or make another one--possibly an add on to this one with the same cast, and this time make a proper ending.

needs A LOT of work

it's not exactly something i would write home about, kinda lame. the voice and music are annoying, pls do something about it. i had to mute the volume on my pc. and then wats up with the ending? she just blew me off 3 times after i clicked "what time do i call you tommorow?" that was the only reasonable thing to click. is there a bug in it or what?

you need to improve the lines too, they are kinda cheesy. it seems to me that it's a game of probability and the probability of you getteing a good ending is 1 out of 3.

Good game and very true.

It's not about the lines, it's about the attitude. Be confident, be funny, keep the sexual tension high, and leave her wanting more. It's simple, but it takes a lot of work to master. This game is an example of that, not another mine for pick-up lines.

Unfortunately, Newgrounds had been bred on the hentai "dating sim", where buying a lot of presents, remembering lots of inane facts about the girl you're after, and lavishing lots of attention on them rewards you with sex. Reading the comments, they actually believe that that's how to meet women. In real life, all that gets you is a depleted bank account and many nights alone with a bottle of lotion and a Playboy magazine to keep you company.

It's also cute to see the few women on Newgrounds try to confuse the males even further with their relationship advice. No matter what, I always get a kick out of that and seeing their reactions when it untimately fails.