Reviews for "The Bar Pick-Up"

its was like a (b)

it was okk pretty good to enternaitn u its alright play it to kill sometime.

it was good...

i liked the from everything from the tips after each to the money/yellow/red flags. one thing i didnt like was the graphics. shitty graphics mean shitty reviews wether or not peopel finished it.also the ending was too soon you shoulda continued it till you finally get her home lol.

ONE THING FOR PEOPLE WHO PLAYED THIS GAME!! if you played this game to learn how to pic up chick you are 100% pathetic! you are siting on your ass playing a game on newgrounds to help your social life.. hears the biggest tip you will get all day..... GET A LIFE! go outside and actually flirt with chick, youll get more pussy or w/e your after then you will siting on your ass on the computer!

haev a great day everyone :)


This would work if you only tried to pick up fat girls. Then again, if you're strong enough to pick up fat girls, you could get a job working construction and bag a house wife now and then while you're re-setting brick on suburban patio homes. And if you know how to set brick, you can make a little underground room with hidden access to kidnap and keep hot chicks, so you don't have to pick up fat girls. In reality, for some reason, chicks dig a jerk as long as you have cash, and if that doesn't do it, that's why they have roofies.

If you want a pick up line that gets you laid, every time, no matter what, here it is:
Find a girl who is all alone at the club, shy type, either abandoned by her friends, or came alone. Come up gently behind her, and whisper quitely into her ear "scream and you die" Gets you laid every time.

:-D Ok, fun over. The art was ok, real min on animation though. At least you own a microphone and use it, I respect that for the simple reason so many people think everyone watches flash to read a book (barf on text) The only thing I'd recommend you work on is the speed of flow. To long from one scene to the next... you'd click a button and had to wait... and wait... and wait. It would be fine if I was drunk and half asleep but ick... Don't take it as bad, it's just a timing thing that can get on the nerves of people with ADD and make them hate the flash even though it had plenty of good points. Ok, I gotta go, someone is kicking my door screaming something about being from the police department....

The flash is good

Yes, the flash is good, the story isn't.
The "game" you play in there would work about 5% of the time in real life, no more. Those money moves were crap to be honest.

Basically you keep pushing her to come to your apartment, get some cocktails TONS of times and you keep reminding her you do NOT want to nail her.
No, that's not a good thing. Every girl knows you want to fuck her when you take her home, and every girl knowingly wants to be fucked when she comes with you. You promising her straight to her face, without blinking you have no intentions will just make her think of you as a cooked out liar. Or plain annoying for constantly nagging her to come to her apartment.

Also, what some people (especially you) seem to be forgetting is that the apartment is the LAST move.
By the time you offer her to come to your apartment she must already be drunk/horny/completely into you. In the game you buy her a drink, dance for a minute and already force the choice of "apartment or nothing" onto her.

Get out there into the game bro, nail some girls for real, if your cute and got a decent game you can get laid every night. It's not hard, i can know :)

NOTE: You do have some of the basics laid out nicely though, like the follow me shit, you do have to mark your territory ;)

easy game

game was very easy....maybe cuz im a girl....good game though