Reviews for "The Bar Pick-Up"

Its a good game

But I got all money lines and still got declined. Whats the deal with that. But overall its good.


nice game but it would of been nice to be able to go back and try different choices instead of restarting because i wanted to read all the witty things said when you got a red flag but i didn't want to replay from the beginning so many times. and to all those who are like "these things wouldn't work in real life- 1. this is a game made to entertain 2. all girls/women are different 3. these arn't the end all only way to pick up girls where no other ways work 4. other rants that i thought of when reading comments but now i have forgotten. again, nice game, nice tips, hoping for a sequel.


Boring stupid and wack my brother played this just to watch hentai and he got nothing. :p

3 out of 5

i like this one! its prolly the best dating sims on here cause it doesnt take all day to play well. nice job

grear except for few things

this game is good but u actually need to see him u knowin Candace and please for the love of god please change Gabriel's name. please please please change it to Dwayne or Daniel or even Chandler (ha ha hes from Friends and then you can make Candace to Monica LOL)