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Reviews for "Avizura & TiGeR - Blazing Soul"


Just making this review to support, since I'm also an author of this song... :S

anyway, it's great to see it finally submitted ^_^

Great job on this one Pockerockmario (and myself lol)!


AvizuraNG responds:

Thank you! :D


This is some goooooood shit!

AvizuraNG responds:

Thanks men!


this sounds so good... probalbly the thing that comes more out of the song is the piano althou is soft it fits just perfectly...

the intro sounds really nice aswell as the transition after it.

another thing that stands out if the awesome bassline :P

also love the sound that comes around 1:06.

to end this spacy review, 2:10 and 4:20 = :)

Overall everything blends in amazingly, awesome job both of you, this song is for the ages.

AvizuraNG responds:

Thank you very much! We spend really much time on it, and it took many tries
TiGeRR made that intro, I think he did an amzing job!
Thank you very much for your support!


This inspired me to spend my few hours of free time on music again,
Really clean and smooth dude :)

This deserves the top list,
Goed bezig ;)


Serieus, niet slecht!

AvizuraNG responds: