Reviews for "NG: Food Chain"


Oh wow. This was the first art collab that I actually had the patience to sit through! Congrats on keeping my attention for a minute.

What was the music name? Self made? Wonderful art, unexpected designs, all that and a bag of chips. Love the intro, too. Its the little things that count to me. :D

My favorite was Squeaky (Bubble Bobble, FTW.), and lazyfeet.

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks, man.

The main music was by EchozAurora, a pretty wacky, but great musicion from the NG Audio Portal.
The credits music is from Father-of-Death also on the NG Audio Portal.

We decided to use Audio Portal music so that not only flash artists could get in on this project, but audio artists as well.

frigin awsome!!!

I bit fast but i really liked it!

everyones drawings were awsome!!!

great job!!!

Great choice of music!!! ;)

squeakytoad responds:

Especially liked the credits music eh?


possibly the best art collab yet. good job guys!

Interesting, but it could have been better

As I read about it, I thought this was an awesome idea for a collab, so congrats on that.

But I felt that it would have been more interesting if each creature actually ate the smaller creature rather than just having their mouth open around them.

Each person involved in the collab would have to create a creature out of multiple graphics symbols rather than just one so that the jaws could move and eat. Then the organiser could animate each creature to actually look like it's eating the last one.

That would have been much more interesting to watch, and you might like to keep that in mind if you are to do a future collab along these lines.

As a said before, great idea and keep up the good work!

squeakytoad responds:

Holy cow. Can you imagine what that would take to pull off?

nice one

that was a pretty cool 'endless' picture in this animation.... and nice job in showing the 'food chain' in this one as well..... very very nice.