Reviews for "NG: Food Chain"


That was awesome! I didnt know how you'd put this together and it turned out great!

uh huh...

uh huh... yea that was wierd... in a good way tho! it was reaaaaaaally trippy in the beginning but was fine after like the 10th monster. it was a really good flash and u should keep up the good work!


weird and trippy - it almost made my night - wtg! (men and women (girls and boys) pretty Kool witha capital K! do some more stuff like this, but give me a little page when you do! keep the style the way you did - sweet

Nice work

Thats the kind of thing that would take me forever. I am such a flash newb. Keep animating you got talent.

pretty cool

nice art and how they all lead to one chomp great job.