Reviews for "NG: Food Chain"

A great idea for an art collab!

I'm serious! This Art Collab had everything! Great Idea, Excellent graphics, awesome music, what else is there to name? Besides, I thought this would be a good idea to make this a never-ending food chain! Too bad it won't happen. Also, to tell you the truth, I do not see any problems in this collab! I can't wait to see another art collab like this! (Or if there is going to be another one >.>)

-The Wooly Bully

P.S Squeakytoad, I think his name was, had the best animated monsters in the food chain in my opinion.

I'm still laughing

Looks like Newgrounds is the top of the food chain. A screensaver like this would be awesome for those with poor internet connections. Plus, it be funny to watch it loop and start all over again.


Amazing art... If you espect something funny to die laughing (like RAB or Happy Tree Friends), then pass this on, but if you are interested on seeing some amazing and cool art here, then what are you waiting for!!!!?????

pfft i could do better with my eyes closed

the title says it all... just a lot more vague than i would have liked... its meant to say "i could do better with an advanced drawning with my eyes close degree"... but then again... im pretty sure at least one of you would be a guest speaker or something in the advanced feild of kicking my drawings asses off... top job on the art work by the way :D

That was sick.

Nothing I'll watch again I guess. But it was cool. Very long loading-time...