Reviews for "NG: Food Chain"

This is Awesome!!!

Awesome concept, Awesome music and Awesome art too.

I also liked the relatively short load time because I still only have shitty dial-up cos my stupid telephone exchange cant hack broadband. Oh well thats Asstralia for you.



It was a good idea, I enjoyed the images and the food chain concept. However, it got boring after not too long.

squeakytoad responds:

It's not even two minutes. How do you get bored? Heh. Oh well.


really good got kinda pointless after awile though

Nice work...

Nice work. I enjoyed it very much. The different pictures were the best part...seeing how many minds together can bring out a smile on our faces. Only one thing though...maybe next time you could animate the drawings eating each of the drawings. That would be cool.

You could have done better :)

I think you could have done better like for instance stop using the same names over and over again.Also you could have put more violence,but other then that it was cool!

squeakytoad responds:

There's nothing in the world that couldn't be better.
Glad you liked it still though. :)

But what's this about different names? You mean different artists? I think we had dozens of different artists.
Besides, only allowing each artist to submit one would be boring.