Reviews for "Airport Security -How Not"

It's short but,

It's short, but it's really nice. I own the movie the sound clip is from on VCD and even in something completely different it makes me laugh. You did really an amazing job with the animation. Too bad you couldn't do it any longer, really, or an animated version of that section of P&T Get Killed.


Another shorty, i rescently saw your cat and master animation and desided to check out your other ones, lol, this is funny to me, because, when i was at the airport, i have indeed seen a guy who was similar to that guy, only differents is, he didnt have a bomb or gun, and had different clothing on, lol, overall, a short animation, but i like it, keeps making me want more : )

Good use of the props

Very nice use of the props given

Really Great!

You draw really cool, and the voices was great, and stuff... You're doing it pretty cool. Keep it up.


Nice animation! Too bad it's so short, but the graphics and even sounds were quite pro. Are you making this longer, or?

-- Ralf