Reviews for "Airport Security -How Not"

The character animation was brilliant

You put alot of effort into them just talking. I loved that, even for a short.

This was a good laugh, well thought out, drawn and animated. Sounds were basic, but nice... overall this was a brilliant short.

Lol....twaz alright

I liked the animation a lot, very professional looking, it could have done to be a bit longer though. Sound was good too. LMAO why did they have like...ray guns?

Really Great!

You draw really cool, and the voices was great, and stuff... You're doing it pretty cool. Keep it up.

5/10, 3/5

Well, very good and funny, but even after all your excuses you still can't convince me that you're not lazy, sorry. 10-30 secs??? More like barely 10. Man, how I can't stand people who try to give stupid expalnations in order to get better score. Just submit your thing and don't fall into details like this. I'm not gonna alow all this to affect my vote and judgement though, you got 3 of 5 on it and the only reason is because it's 11 seconds long. Now don't get late for work, full-time is some serious stuff!

touched responds:

You're completely off-base with your assumptions about my description. SOME people are actually interested in a little behind-the-scenes look at things, and my explanation is for them. You don't have to read it. That's why it's not in the Flash file.

the animation in that is pretty sweet,

but, i recommend you make a few longer animations, as that was pretty short. If you make a longer movie at that level it will be totally awesome. Good idea too, that was cool.

Like to see more animations