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Reviews for "Naruto vs Sasuke 2"


I can't believe something like this got an award...

It was a pretty good sprite fight, animation-wise, but it was way out of character and didn't seem to have any storyline. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto are fighting for no apparent reason? Or are they training or something? An explanation would have been nice. I have doubts that your first 'Naruto vs Sasuke' had any storyline either, and after watching this one, I don't think I could stand watching another like it.

I like both Naruto and sprites, but I just don't think this was all that good. And just so you know, it's "Jutsu", not "Jutso", as you incorrectly spelled it. This was probably only rated the way it was because so many people love Naruto, but those people are probably just the posers who watched the first 30 episodes in English and think Sasuke is the best character ever.

Liked it

I liked it very much.Are u planning to make a 3rd one?

Very nice

I HATE naruto even though it has a good amount of blood and gore in it and its NOT DBZ but my preferences on tv shows dont count here cuz that was just a good animation period. Very smooth, nonstop action, and voices and music to boot.

Not bad

this is a great animation, good job!


i thought this could be better, i guess u was wrong.

and to person under me about the Definitely thing, he spelled defiantly as in "I will defiantly keep my way of the ninja" he didn't misspell definitely, he spelled something else right.