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Reviews for "Naruto vs Sasuke 2"

Heh, worth a chuckle...

...because of that Rasengan. That's got to be the lamest ultimate technique ever. As many have already suggested a story line would be a real nice thing. With that this kind of sprite beat'em up might be very good.

Freaking awsome

Dude totaly awsome nice job on everything especially at the end whne naruto does the summoning jutsu lol lamo great job on this flash 10 thumbs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up ^ _ ^ you should make a third one.

Decent, nothing more

Well, for a flash animation that took one year as you say, this was kind of dissapointing. I do like sprites, but since these ones were not made yourselve I would have expected more of the movie. Ow yeah, in case you want to know, crediting the DS games and Masashi Kishimoto would have been a nice thing to do.

the sprites were nice, but not made by yourself. Not that bad, but unfortunately, the rest of the movie was not able to cover the lack of unique visuals. Backgrounds were bland.

The lack of story was dissapointing. Only thing I could think of was that the whole bunch was training, but apart from that it didnt have any appeal. I checked the first Sasuke vs Naruto to check whether I had missed something, but both movies have nothing (except the sprites) in common.

The music on the other hand was nice (even though the soundtrack of Naruto has also been the same the past 5 years), good to incorperate some voice acting as well. One of the nicest touches to this movie.

Decent movie that could have been a lot better if you would have thought more about a story, and made it a little longer.

O_O no words

just grate 55555555 for you just one thing....the rasengan thingy was bad it was even lame you need to make it a big dill!


that was so good! i luved it!!!!!! hope u do more like this!