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Reviews for "Naruto vs Sasuke 2"


mm~ like everyone, i love how you used the sound/music as well as the animation. it's so smooth and nice to watch :3 <3

you spelled jutsu (spelt justo) wrong in the first subtitle
and definitely (spelt defiantly) wrong again somewhere in the middle.

Totally awesome!!

Awesome animation, and I love Naruto!!!!!!!!

8bit Naruto!!

Sakura's always getting in the middle of a fight! Great stuff every one. I loved the Japanese/English menu tabs, very creative.

not bad


graphics 8.5/10
sounds 7.2/10
voices 9/10

overall 8/10

Enjoy your 5 though... :)

kudos :D

Nice work :D
i saw this on sheezyart a few minutes ago :p