Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong Triple Take"

This is really really funny and really great

This is funny stuff man infact its relaly really funny stuff and great work keep it up man.

Phoenix Wrong is so right!

I loved it all, there where parts in there that you couldnt really get unless you watch those shows, but all round... PERFECT!!!

Good, but there is something wrong.

Well, there is something wrong with it. The play button no long works, you have to select scene selection in order to start the flash.

OMFG I loved this.

If you read my past reviews you can see it takes ALOT to impress me.
(In fact once I got banned for ripping on a guy too much.)

So I must say this was absolutely amazing.

I mean, the humor was amazing...the entire flash.

Bravo, my good man.

I hope you won't disappoint me by making this your last Phoenix Wright parody.

Just like Ashford makes 'em.

I've never seen a Phoenix Wrong made by somebody other than Ashford that was this good. I might even like this better than some of his.

Danimation1 responds:

That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like if a hamster burrowed into your chest cavity while you slept and blood pooled in your lungs.