Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong Triple Take"


Great video. I particularly liked how horrified everyone looked at Don't Cha.


Captain Planet is GAY!!!

Madness all around:

..The only thing missing is Hank, really.

Now that the follow up series has interest back, I'm hoping the Wrongs will continue to show the importance of Wright.

And your Wronging the Wrong-clips out there makes it a fun road to follow.

Thanks again.

Can he do no Wrong?

Ah, another brilliant Phoenix Wrong edition
I think one of the best things about this one is that all of the sound bites that you included are easily recognizable by everyone
Some PW's I've watched have had a lot of bites which I'm not familiar with
I especially enjoyed the Captain Planet part

As previously stated your lip sync is wonderful with the sound and sprites
I also would love to see more from you

Love it!

Just watched all of your videos. Make more, please! This has some of the best lip syncing I've ever seen.