Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong Triple Take"

it was decent

a little slow of the bat but better after the long-winded speechs were done, all in all I would say it was good.

Lol Captain Planet at the end..

That was hilarious...the 'girlfriend'part was like wtf...and Captain Planet made me crack up...

Very hilarious!



I really did fall out of my seat laughing at the Captain Planet parody.

And the "hot grilfriend" one was creepy..

Good job. You managed to knock out some reactions with this.

If this is your 3rd, where's the 1st?


The part with the fat kid singing that song, and everybody just stunned...priceless.

Danimation1 responds:

The first one I made was Phoenix Wrong Double Take. I then did Seinfeld Wrong, and then Triple Take. You can go to my profile to access them or search them or whatever you feel like doing.

Tee he he.

I loved the office space skit.