Reviews for "PMD2: Time of Parting"


Always cry when I get that part of the game


Beautiful..... (TEAR)..... along with the game.

Oh my.

It sounds so beautiful. I love tihs song so much<3

Way to go. amazing work here<3


Awesome game, awesome song! If dialouge could be skipped the game would be perfect I think. And this was the only game that made me ALMOST get sad when they say goodbye. Maybe do a remix of the Lapras Ride next?

SirCombee responds:

I actually did half of that song a while back. It is a great song and I dont think there are any remixes of it on newgrounds. It is called "Across the Sea of Time" but some people call it "Grovyles Sacrifice" I am currently deciding what I want to remix next so if you want I can finish that piece


this part alway make me go bawww! wonder why the game wasnt popular? just because it a pokemon universe? cmon the story was epic.