Reviews for "PMD2: Time of Parting"

i remember this

i was all like with tears in my eyes "i cant die, i know i cant, there is more to the game, i only fought half the bosses" yet there the main charitor was, disappearing.

completely aawesome

This was beautiful. (This is also my ringtone now)


These games are totally underated. the story and music in them are amazing.
Nice song dude!


what... i... i know... what its like to.... to lose something, or i should say... someone... i... im crying while i type... this song... it brings back..... memories, memories of the days when... when my life was better, i just wish i could relive those golden days but... but like everyone elce, i just have to make more....


Please make more Mystery Dungeon remixes!

SirCombee responds:

Right after I release my Sonic 2: Hill Top Zone remix i will finish up the song Grovyle's Sacrifice :p I will possibly make it into a medley along with the Primal Dialga fight since they sound quite similar. So don't worry, one is on its way