Reviews for "PMD2: Time of Parting"

Quite good remix. :)

Not bad. Not bad at all. You stick to the general melody, and yet you improvise as well. Truly a work of art. :)
I remember the first time I played through PMD2: Darkness. When I got to this part of the initial ending, it almost made me tear up, I have to admit. :P

Damn you...

If anything, the japanese sure know how to make good stories...screw gameplay, when a game has this gripping of a story about friendship, greetings, farewells & loss, you know you're into something good. Thats the reason i've played the whole mystery dungeon series, and thats the reason i'll keep playing them.
Truly i cant even bear to listen to this track anymore as im writing this for the above reasons cause it makes me see the same scene, over & over & over again...
(Mind you i've listened to this track many times before i wrote this so i know what im talking about)
Kudos to you kind sir.


This was the saddest part of the game. beat it over and over just for this reason...... But still great job. Sniff.

Thank You~!!!

By god's heavenly hand, this is my most favorite part of the whole game!!! I cried tears of sorrow then, and I cried now as well. Thank you for such a fantastic remake~!!!

I cried. Multiple times.

The gameplay sometimes gets repetive, but everything else is perfect.
The story puts tears in your eyes.
The music put tears (or gets you riled up) in your eyes.
Thank you, for this.