Reviews for "PMD2: Time of Parting"


this makes me bawl just as much as the original *hic* WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


This really captured the emotions of the song. I cried just listening to it... You've done something awesome.

A truly great remastery.

It captures the same feel as the original.

I think it was a truly great (and long overdue) move by Nintendo to put a jukebox in Sky version. Occasionally I would just turn my DS on and listen to all of the songs I liked, including this one....

Would it be too much for me to ask if you could remix other songs from the games?

SirCombee responds:

Nope :) I am currently working on a "Memories of You" and "Farewell" (from the first game) arrangement to be the third movement of the PMD suite I've been working on. Also, if you have not listened to my first PMD movement, "Final Sacrifice", be sure to check it out.

im a newgrounds reviewerrrerer

i luv this song so much the peace... the rythm... all the pokemon games i played... and loads more and this is tearful ;)

The tears...

I played the first game, blue rescue team, and the ending is the same. so when i played explorers of time i thought i could handle the ending. NO. why? because the music was so sad that i had to mute it for fear of crying like a little girl.