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Reviews for "the blue knight!"


That pose is wicked. Love your description too, I think it's fitting.

jouste responds:


glad you feel the description fits. i always thought about that whenever i played him :D


seriously dude, long legs? sexy legs? ZOMG?

jouste responds:


i'm a little confused. do you like them sexy legs? or not?

regardless thanks for the high scores :D

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more bad*ss poses the knight could have! I know this is probably irrelevant, but blue is my second favorite color, next to orange. I like he's just shown doing what he's supposed to do, break ice and destroy things. The shadows are nicely done too. I think his depiction was a tad more realistic than most of his appearances. It's great how a wide variety of colors is used for his armor.

I can see why Dan Paladin likes this one so much. It doesn't try to be too fancy or anything, just depict a character being awesome. It's great that he has a pretty grim look on his face too. Everything has just been with these guys. The blue color scheme works really well with him.

Very good

Well this was very good and very impressive here with this style a beautiful visual with the ice I think you need more of a power and slash on the ice maybe some added sparkle to the ice as it's slashed and congrats on the awards here we'll deserved and hope you win many more to come your way

More sparkle and slashing in the slash moment


It's all the same...

If you seen one, you seen them all. Maybe you should make your art different and always unique. The blue knight is very similar to other of your artworks. I thimk you should avoid overusing stuff from your previous artworks. Make every piece of art unique and one of the kind.
- Fifty-50

jouste responds:

i guess i can see you're point, but really i kind of wanted the knights to all look similar because they are similar characters.

are you refering to my artwork in general? or just the castle crasher stuff? the castle crasher stuff was meant to all look the same, but if you are referring to all of my other stuff than maybe i'm missing something.