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Reviews for "the blue knight!"

testing reviews

please forgive me.

jouste responds:

you're forgiven


He looks a little more saurai-ish which is cool. The background and shadow look good as well

jouste responds:

yeah i went for an eastern vibe because the games influences seem to cross alot of genres as well.

i'm glad you like the background because i wasn't too sure it came out right. i tried to make all the backgrounds relate to the knights.

All 4 of them...

are great!! all 4 of these are amazing!!

jouste responds:

hooray! thanks so much!

if you're interested, i also did the hominid in this style when he guest starred in castle crashers ;D

I like the pic

This pic right from the start I thought "Sub-Zero?!" , I wonder if you should render the red knight like Rain? XD

jouste responds:


that would be a pretty cool idea but i already did these dudes up. red is the last one i did. this guy does seem to have a sub-zero-ish quality to him though. thanks for the high score!


The green knight is also awesome

Woooooooooo I luv knightzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

jouste responds:


thanks for stopping by again!

glad you like the knights dude.