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Reviews for "the blue knight!"


his stance makes him look like a ice ninja :)

jouste responds:

ice ninjas would sure be scary. we'd need to counter them with some fire pirates! ;o


this is some sweet work dude. Goodjob

jouste responds:

thanks pal!

i'll keep it up if you keep watchin'!


i love art, and this is why.

jouste responds:


thanks a lot dude, it means a lot to me when people say things like that.

one other cool knight

cool shoulder really look like a shoulder piece of a WoW armor and his sword cool look like a ninja sword but hisv forehead is big:S and his ice on his knockels cool aand is he breaking the ice? 10/10

jouste responds:

yeah he is splintering the ice!

that's so that he can hit more enemies. and i have a big forehead in RL so i drew this guy with one. glad you like the katana and the ice knuckles.

thanks for the high score! :D

i love castle crashers

words cant describe how good your work is my freind

jouste responds:

hooray! i love castle crashers too!