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Reviews for "the blue knight!"


castle crasher(s) all the way!!

jouste responds:

you bet pal!


He looks a little more saurai-ish which is cool. The background and shadow look good as well

jouste responds:

yeah i went for an eastern vibe because the games influences seem to cross alot of genres as well.

i'm glad you like the background because i wasn't too sure it came out right. i tried to make all the backgrounds relate to the knights.


I wish I could draw like you

jouste responds:

thanks for the crazy high score!

if your interested in getting better at drawing then get at it! draw as much as you can!


Awesome pic. i also noticed that the Blue Knight is usually the one that people portray as weak or make fun of him

jouste responds:

really? i wasn't aware of that, that's a shame.
hopefully this picture helps those people realise he is one badass customer!

thanks for the review


this one is my favorite of the 4, right around the orange knight drawing - he is so kickass with his gold trim and dual color shoulderpads. thanks for drawing this!

jouste responds:

from the man himself!

glad you like him! i'm seriously considering re-visiting the other characters and having some done by CC's birthday.

thanks so much for the review and checking them out!