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Reviews for "the blue knight!"


One word "Epic."

jouste responds:

yes! *highfives* glad to hear it!

amazing art

you are the number 1

jouste responds:

thank you! *high fives*

glad you love the blue knight!

Blue's my favorite...

and now you are too! Nice art

jouste responds:

haha thanks man!

glad you like it! :D


his stance makes him look like a ice ninja :)

jouste responds:

ice ninjas would sure be scary. we'd need to counter them with some fire pirates! ;o

Words fail me. . .

Because your drawing ability is incredible.

When me and my Brother and my friend and my friends brother got together to play this for the first time, my choice was the Blue Knight, so he is definitely my favorite of the group.

Maxing out the magic, the using ice to continually freeze people, then use my heightened speed to get away from them and follow up with ice missiles.

Any way, love the game, love this drawing. You get a 10 for being great.

jouste responds:

wow thanks dude!

haha those are some sweet blue knight strats. :)