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Reviews for "the blue knight!"


blues a personal favorite of mine and i love the BA little pose you got for him i really hope to see more of your artwork its purty rad


jouste responds:


really glad you like the pose. this one came the most naturally out of all the 5 knights i did.

and more of my arwork shall be out soon!


This is my fav on castle crashers and its the best picture of him I have seen!!! Keep up the brilliant work!

jouste responds:


thanks madman! good to see another satisfied frosty fan! glad you liked my direction.


Amazing artwork im always a blue fan but i still love your green knight the most great job and i seriously hope to see more kickass artwork from you my good sir!

jouste responds:

haha you sure will!

glad to see a fellow fan of the green!

glad you like it :D

thanks for the high review!


this is some sweet work dude. Goodjob

jouste responds:

thanks pal!

i'll keep it up if you keep watchin'!


why isn't all art this cool?

jouste responds:

hahaha, you are too kind.