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Reviews for "the blue knight!"

reminds me of sub zero from his ninja stance lol

great stuff man.

jouste responds:

thanks for hte high score pal!

yeah i spose there is a bit of sub-zero in there, i should have rocked some scorpion action on the orange knight now that you mention it :D



They all look like ninjas.

jouste responds:

really? all of them?

hmm, well you got your own opinion and thats a fine observation. thanks for stopping by and writing up a review! :D

one other cool knight

cool shoulder really look like a shoulder piece of a WoW armor and his sword cool look like a ninja sword but hisv forehead is big:S and his ice on his knockels cool aand is he breaking the ice? 10/10

jouste responds:

yeah he is splintering the ice!

that's so that he can hit more enemies. and i have a big forehead in RL so i drew this guy with one. glad you like the katana and the ice knuckles.

thanks for the high score! :D

All 4 of them...

are great!! all 4 of these are amazing!!

jouste responds:

hooray! thanks so much!

if you're interested, i also did the hominid in this style when he guest starred in castle crashers ;D

It's all the same...

If you seen one, you seen them all. Maybe you should make your art different and always unique. The blue knight is very similar to other of your artworks. I thimk you should avoid overusing stuff from your previous artworks. Make every piece of art unique and one of the kind.
- Fifty-50

jouste responds:

i guess i can see you're point, but really i kind of wanted the knights to all look similar because they are similar characters.

are you refering to my artwork in general? or just the castle crasher stuff? the castle crasher stuff was meant to all look the same, but if you are referring to all of my other stuff than maybe i'm missing something.