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Reviews for "Le Banana"

that was fucking awsome

awsome! Man

Shotgun Banana!

That was excellent from the grapichs to the killing, i liked it how you made people think that he was gonna slip down the stairs (duh) keep up the great work. Also An1m4t0r your an idiot for believeing that stuff, its posted all over youtube and I think most of us would appreciate it if you didnt put it on newgrounds, k?

Pretty funny.

I was expecting a rip off of Robot chicken with the recking ball, but that was surprisingly different! Good Laugh. -1 sound for the stupid fart noise at the end :-p.


One of the funniest toons I've seen in a while. Definately worth watching

C'mon. . . wait for it. . .

Only a truly sickened mind could come up with a short of THIS morbid hilarity.

___________and. . I. . . LOVE IT!

*claps and waves you all over, to come and watch it now*