Reviews for "Le Banana"

I remember seeing this a long time ago; an instant classic if you ask me.

haha i don't wait the shotgun of banana
the shotgun is bananagun

man i remember this from 07!!
been looking for it for ages!!


when I did the random submission I was not expecting to see a submission from bytesize. :P
This flash is very well-rounded. -Good artwork, smooth animation and some nice music all come together quite nicely to make for some classic slapstick humor....Gone horribly wrong?! :O
Overall a nice little animation with a great, unexpected punchline. :)

C'mon. . . wait for it. . .

Only a truly sickened mind could come up with a short of THIS morbid hilarity.

___________and. . I. . . LOVE IT!

*claps and waves you all over, to come and watch it now*