Reviews for "Frag Assault"

Great idea and game but needs some improvement.

Graphics - What can I say, it's stick men! The animations were really well animated and it looks very smooth and slick.

Style - Nice game and idea. It can use lots of improvement in the way that you shouldn't limit ammo and supplies so much. We should be able to carry at least 2 different weapons, and if you run over a weapon of the same type of one that your carrying, the ammo just goes into instead of picking up a totally new gun. Also, the "health bar" idea was really unique, but it was extremely static and unimpressive. I suggest using a type of 'Gears of War' kind of health bar to make it a lot cooler =).

Sound - Some of the music was really grungy and the sound effects went with the game, but I still prefer to use my own music.

Humor - I laughed when I got pwned by like 20 firebats. That was the only time I laughed.

Overall - Nice game, but you should make a sequel with alot more features and stuff.

ZT responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, sorry about the firebats ;)


I think the things that needs improving are that the sword could some times reflect bullets and more health :D

ZT responds:

Ah, reflecting bullets would've been pretty cool. Where were you during the beta? ;)


Really fun... but i would like 2 b able 2 have more than 1 gun.. so u can like save ur ammo and not have 2 use ur sword all the time... cuz those flamethrowers kinda ruin that.... but its fun just fine tune a lil bit

ZT responds:

Hahah, everyone seems to be getting pwned by those darned flame throwers! Thanks for playing :)

Very good

great game. my only problem is the flamethrower guys did to much damage and the sword was'nt all that useful.

ZT responds:

Ah man! The sword is one of the most powerful weapons! Practice, practice, practice ;) Thanks for playing :)

very good

it good but it need a bit of a variety of flavor