Reviews for "Mobile Weapon"

How do i get the poly thingy?

i don't know how to get it i have the gears and the other stuff i don't know what enemie drops it.

TylerProjects responds:

The polyboard is dropped by the boss in that area. Go all the way in and find the big robot. Click or press spacebar when you are standing near it.

Great Game.

Yeah nice job,but how doo you find Calisto and the other guy?

TylerProjects responds:

Billy will join you after the quest in the scrapyard.

Calisto will join you after the quest in the mines.


This game ROCKS!!! I just beat Ariel Highwater.

It took me the better part of today to get strong enough to do it. All three MAW's have 500 HP, and decked out with armor. All three pilots are level 15. I also found the Pod lord today trying to rack up experience. Look for differences in the Iron forest, (hint) you can't go through mountains. I am thinking about buying the premium version, can I port my characters over there? And does it continue after the air ship, I want to rescue Ron!!!!

TylerProjects responds:

Yep, you can use the export function to export your data to the premium.

Unfortunately, the premium also ends after the airship.

Both versions keeps to the same main storyline. Its just that the premium has more side quests and monsters and weapons and 1 more character/MAW.


Cheat Codes

(NOTE:cheat codes can only be valid after completing the game)
Jesse's Note-4T646G
Gangsta Rap-RAPPOD6DE
Crabb's Picer-TAL5
Disk Of Returning-RYR78J
Delete All-DEL3TE (NOTE:Deletes all cheats activated before for a fresh start)
Beat Game Again-IWILLK1LLU

Remember stay cool if your attempting these cheats.

TylerProjects responds:

.... There's no such thing in the game...


I remember when Mobile weapon Zero was made, I played it, reviewed it, and waited for the next game, when episode 1 was released it didn't work for me - I forgot about the game, but lately remembered it, and came back to play this one, and i have to say, it's amazing.

Superb for a flash game, nothing too complex either, creating good flowing game play and a nice feel.
Just like Mobile weapon Zero, it creates a brilliant atmosphere, amazingly done.
Not to my taste I'm afraid, the sound of the exp was the worst, it hurt my ears.
Suitable for the game, very well done.
Not much to say here.
Some funny parts, over all entertaining.
Again brilliant, you picked up on all the major points I thought were wrong with mobile weapon zero - and i have to commend you on the speech, fabulous. Very well done - I'm ever considering paying that $15.