Reviews for "End of Time [B4B]"


nice job, i loved it

Beats4Beets responds:

Thanks for the review man, im glad you enjoyed it :D
You should check some of my other stuff sometime :)


Really great man, perfect dance stuff right here! I love the kick, bass, and lead, all really great! And the mastering is very nice too. Just very good all around dance song. The melodies are very nice, and I like the composition and transitions of the entire song in general! Very nice job, man! God bless, and I look forward to more!
!IceMasterDlux ><>

Beats4Beets responds:

Hey man, thank you so much man! What a great positive review! :D
So im glad you liked it and i can't wait for more from you!
Again, thank you for the positive feedback!

(- -,)b

Nice choice of synths, good melodies - very nicely structured.

What more can i say other than keep up the good work :)

P.S. check out my newest song if you have the time. ^^

Beats4Beets responds:

Thank you ! :D
Im happy you liked the track and ill deffinitely go check out your newest song man, ill comment, you'll know its me ;)



this is the type of melodies i want on newgrounds. happy. great shit

Beats4Beets responds:

Thanks a lot man! Im glad you liked the song :)

Not what i would danceat the disco...

but def something i would listen at on those not-so-sleepy nights i have sometimes!
why not at the disco? its too... happy, if i can call it that way... dont know how to call it...


Beats4Beets responds:

Hahah yeah, i know whatcha mean. Im trying to make songs that would be more appropriate for raves and whatnot xD
Glad you liked it anyway! :D