Reviews for "End of Time [B4B]"

Nice Work)))

I think i gonna steal it and show to my friends as mine))) THANKS)))

Oh a joke)))) Maybe)))) I'll think))

I think this is a good job :DDDD Just finish it))

Beats4Beets responds:

Hahaha, wow good one ;)

Well thank you haha, im glad you liked it! :D


i got to say,

your pretty damn good. i love your style its like mine haha


Beats4Beets responds:

Hahaha! :D
Im glad you like it! I enjoy your style aswell :)



this may be a little off topic so please don't get mad at me. first of all i love the song, second i'm 14 as well and i would love to figure out what people use to make techno and how it's done. do you know orf any free/ relatively inexpensive programs i could use to get started? again great song and thanks for reading this. :)

Beats4Beets responds:

Hahah, dont worry. Thanks, im glad you liked the song and i use FL Studio 9.. Like most people, since its probably the easyest program to crack and i find its a ridiculously good music software.. Uhm.. Free/inexpensive? Dont know any xD
But if you really want something that.. Actually good, just seach up how to get FL Studio free.. Its really not that hard.. Espcially if you know how to torrent.
So yeah, good luck my friend!


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when time ends i wanna listen to this song.

Beats4Beets responds:

Hahaha! Thats awesome man, thank you for the review. xD



Im Going To Blast This Song Full Volume In My Car And Drive Mad Fast!! :D

Beats4Beets responds:

Hahaha awesome man, drive safe xD
Glad you like the song, thanks for the review.