Reviews for "Weirdville"


best platformer iv played in a long time. definately front page worthy!


this is 1 of thouse games where if u dont get it the 1st time you get really pissed and stop playing for a while, but it was good wouldnt play it more then 2 or 3 times though.


One thing : When we are in the bubble, we cannot rebound high on "spoing"... Only that, it's a perfect game

um its ok ...

well i agree with the guy below me its a worse version of mario and its so annoying the only good thing was the graphics so i dont really no wat wlse to say buy IMPROVE IT !!!! ( alot )

i think u should work on it

well i know why its called weird ville. The music mmmmm ok the graphics wer good but you gotta work on it.ummmm '_' i guess thats it.