Reviews for "Things I Hate"

your face pisses me off

Rooface, nice flash. but hey, i'm one of those people who are guilty of leaving a tiny amount of milk left in the carton :)

RoobyKillAll responds:

I hate you. KayKay. lol thanks for the review poohead.


Good work babes. You worked hard on it and it paid off don't ya think? ;)

RoobyKillAll responds:

Yeah. I think it turned out alright. Thanks.

As My Name State's

I agree with the Potenial and NES one. It just pisses me off when teachers say, "You could have done better" when you get a F****** 88% on A Test!

RoobyKillAll responds:

Haha. see, they say that to me when I get a 54%. I probably can do better, I'm just sick of trying and they should leave me alone once and awhile. But 88% works too. lol thanks for the review.

Good stuff.

That made me laugh. I kept watching it only to the throw-up part over and over after i saw the whole thing. 1-The toilet paper thing is'nt that bad to me, but, hey no ones the same. 2- Thats never happened to me, well, they've slushed, but never gotten my pants wet :\. 3- Bad breath annoys me to, especially when it is reaching you from 5 feet away >:(. 4- I dont have a NES :[ 5- the potential thing made me lawl. i've never had a teahcer saw that to me before, but, it will happen sooner or later. 6- The milk thing REALLY pisses me off also, like i go to pour milk into cereal, and i get like 1/10 of the bowl full.:>:[. 7- lawl, staples dont work.

ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha very funny and true