Reviews for "Things I Hate"

Those are quite reasonable hahaha.

I can agree with those things to hate... especially bad breath. Very funny, man. I hope you make more movies on Things I REALLY Hate. LOL. Just fix this up a bit, and it would've been better.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5

RoobyKillAll responds:

Almost good. lol thanks for the review.

Good Stuff

It was a good flash. I put a seven but it was really more like a 7 &1/2. Good animation and funny concepts. Your "angry" face could use some work though, its really the only thing holding you back from the big "10".

RoobyKillAll responds:

My angry faces brought me down? :( I thought they brought me up. No matter. I win. Thanks for the review.


i liked this movie. i agree with just about all of the things mentioned in it. can't wait to see your future submissions.

RoobyKillAll responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Seven things I liked about your flash :D

1. The things you portrait make me mad too, so I was laughing all the way through.

2. The graphics were simple, but they suited the flash really well.

3. The stapler part deserves it`s own point. Fucking ace, that`s what I want to do always, just out of anger.

4. Sound, your voice makes me happy inside. In a non-gay way.

5. The angry face that appears every time bad stuff goes on. Very nice touch. I would love to be able to turn my face into that when I get mad.

6. The throw up in a tea cup and drink anyway part. Disgusting, yet incredibly arousing.

7. Finally, the flash, I liked the flash overal ^_^

P.S: I liked it, but I think you are not using your full potential.

RoobyKillAll responds:

hahaha you're a twat Neo. Thanks man. And I know this flash isn't my full potential. It's just something I did to get back into the swing of things. Thanks for the review!

Dude, I agree.

The toilite paper isn't a prob for me though, I don't mind the auto-urnals except when I forget there automatic and get stuck there for 15 min before I relize it's automatic. The milk think is also annoying.

RoobyKillAll responds:

lol, the toilet paper thing just pisses me off to no end. It's so lazy >:(

Thanks for the review!