Reviews for "Things I Hate"

easily relatable.

Like your angry face man =P
#1My sister would always put the toilet paper in the wrong way. she prefered it that way. so it would be a non violent battle of the toilet paper. I walk in, what the hell its on backwards! turn it around. Sister walks in apparently turns it back. I end up switching it every time.


#2Can't say I've ever had urinal water in my pants like that. how ever when ever I go take a poo it always spits water at me from below.

#3 GAH! you ever get that snack food breath? like you can almost taste the cheez-it or ranch dressing pringlesin their breath? and you just kinda gag.

#4 Don't own an NES =\

#5 >.< I especially hate this whole "full potential " thing... you gotta admit that "The sky is blue. the ocean pie is alzo. blue birds are sometimes blue. I like blue" is kinda weak hah. i hate teachers with f -- stamps. When you buy something unless you actually have a practical use for it (admit it... it would be much easier to just write it...)it means it is used for fun. and f-- stamp for fun shows the teacher likes low grades. I like his reaction to the paper =)

#6 Half a glass of milk. I get out the cereal and whaddaya know half a glass of milk and cereal is in the sink 30 sec. later.

#7 the last time I had non-elastic socks was when i was like 6 and pulled all the strectchy stuff out. even today though I still remember how very very annoying it was (I myself prefered tape to staples however)

RoobyKillAll responds:

Haha. Thanks for the awesome review man. lol I wrote a really shitty sentence for the "Full potential thing" just for kicks. Thought it was good. Anyways, keep it real.


Heh true true...have to agree with all of these really. Good job

This movie is the shiznits.

I totally agree. You kill it, you fill it. And the >:( face got me every time.

LOL i could agree on most things...

sox with no elastic are very annoying to me specially in winter. I like it, it had a nice pace to it, and i could relate. lol if you ever need help i could hep you make a list of 20 things.


I really can't critisize it since it is better than what I am doing. But really it was a good job, ya? The last part of him throwing up and sucking it back in was the part that made me laugh.

RoobyKillAll responds:

Thanks pal. Yeah, when I was animating it, everything was set to stream right. So when I moved the movie clip back and fourth on the timeline, it made me lawl so hard. So I just threw it in at the end. Thanks for the review!