Reviews for "Things I Hate"


duudde i cant even begginnn to tell you how much i agree...

Funniest thing I've seen on newgrounds in a while

Good job! This was pretty funny although the animation wasn't brilliant, the angry guy actually kind of freaked me out to tell you the truth... so maybe I could also call it one of the scariest newgrounds movies... otherwise I really liked this alot especially the fall down socks, it kind of reminds me of the intro of Amile.

actually made me chuckle

funny, true, and very helpful. I have to have my mom watch this, I'm sure it will make her smack me again.

ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha very funny and true

Good stuff.

That made me laugh. I kept watching it only to the throw-up part over and over after i saw the whole thing. 1-The toilet paper thing is'nt that bad to me, but, hey no ones the same. 2- Thats never happened to me, well, they've slushed, but never gotten my pants wet :\. 3- Bad breath annoys me to, especially when it is reaching you from 5 feet away >:(. 4- I dont have a NES :[ 5- the potential thing made me lawl. i've never had a teahcer saw that to me before, but, it will happen sooner or later. 6- The milk thing REALLY pisses me off also, like i go to pour milk into cereal, and i get like 1/10 of the bowl full.:>:[. 7- lawl, staples dont work.