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Reviews for "NGAP Radio"

track id 64556 rocks!!!

kratsamsak you know this is a track finder...? Its like a randomising track finder so you can finde the song you whant in newground or just randomise and end up on tunes you migth never hear whitout this. I like a specific type of music but were forced to try em all whit this! And its way easier to find old audio of newgrounds. Ho knows maybe one of the greatest audios whas forgoten when it went out of date or something and we could find it here! AWSOME GADGET!

much of it sounds like as if a little child was playin with the piano keyboard..

Amazing little gadget, I just wish there was an option to have it select random songs from within the different categories. It's just a little annoying listening to genres you don't like, for example, I would not like to listen to Heavy metal but would like to listen to Trance and Ambient.

I came... to write an awesome review. Nuff said!