Reviews for "Political Duel"

good game but...

the controls were... ungh. the only suggestion i would make, is next time allow people to set their own controlls, and maybe make it compatable with a controler if possible.

freeworldgroup responds:

yeah - we'll probably do that next time if we make a new version of the game.

fuck ya!!!

i love this fucking game!!!!! i whould marry it too! hehehe FUCKING PURELY AWSOME!!!!! woot w00t!!!!!

Fun game. I look to see more characters.

Overall this game makes me laugh. Just one thing, if you add more characters into the game it will make for a better game. I still like it though. Great Effort

Cool game but somehow unfair weps

george bush has aliens on his side!
sadam would use his firing squad!
the asian guy uses nukes!
and last but not least, the guy with an underwear rolled up his head had crappy cars!

sadam's shield (or Block) is the best! he puts a soldier infront of him and he's got the coolest gun... i whacked bush several times and use firing squad as my finisher hehe

oh yeah man goog game

i kicked some butt in this game those politics can eat poop for all i care i just kicked there butts