Reviews for "Political Duel"


This is really good! The sound effects were perfect, the whole hit, freeze, fly effect made it really professional, and the Specials were awesome. The graphics could be better but honestly, they go perfect with this game. Did I mention the sound, it went really well with it. I suck at it, but I say it's greatness anyways ;) 10/10

freeworldgroup responds:


Good fighting game

could have used more characters but besides that, cant think of any major way to improve this game

nice job man

freeworldgroup responds:

we only wanted to make a quick small game... so limited the number of characters...

that was an awesome game

lol indeed very good quality and a tonne of special moves, i liked seeing george bush get the bang (even though im australian).


WOW this game rulz as the other dude says make it multi player so like everyone can make a user name and sign in wicked man!
Please multi player would be wicked! =) =) =) =D

This is funny

i was fighting a Kim jong Il,i just keep useing his machine gun
By the way awsome game