Reviews for "Political Duel"


This is a fun game - silly voices, lampooning of politics, and a solid fighting system. The reason why this rating is a 6 is because this game isn't finished - not enough characters, not enough features.


the game is great, I wish there would be online and tagteam modes too, that would complete this game!!

Could use some improvement.

It's a pretty fun game,but there are things about it that should be better. First,the controls. Would it have made your life harder to replace the A,W,S,D for the Up,Down,Left,and Right arrows? That's so annoying! Plus the J,K,L for the attacks....those are tolerable. But I'm sure that many people would have preferred the Left,Right,Up,Down arrows for movement and, say.....the A,S,D for attacking. Now,the characters: theyr are good and funny,but there aren't many of them,so that's annoying,too. The worst thing about this game is the announcer's voice (ex: Round1 FIGHT!). That voice is garbage! It is so annoying! It doesn't sound anywhere near serious or funny : it's just a way to piss me off and it works too well! Apart from these things that are bad, the controls are responsive,and I like to see politicians beat the crap out of each other. So,I hope you read this,and use the criticism to make your next games better.

needs more features

it was kinda boring having only 4 characters so its a 5!


Very cool. Needs a few unlockables to be 10/10, but it's more than pretty good.