Reviews for "Political Duel"

Ridiculosly difficult

The normal is ridiculously hard, you cannot attack from block immediately but the computer can.


I wish Obama was in this game.

okay game

*It's an enjoyable game to play and the fighting was worked out well.Sadly the sound effects were a bit dumb and pestering.
Fairly good graphics but it could of been better.
Sound effects: 3/10
They weren't that good... 3 points just for trying
I liked it! Not exactly the best... but oh well.
The idea was used before, but the politics was interesting.

great game

the fighting was good so was the specials but you couldve added more chacters overall great game

I lol at misterninja15.

This game is great. To the guy below me, it was made in '07, when Obama was unknown, so why would he be in the game? I do think they should update it though. Political Duel 2 maybe? It was really fun.

Now to masterninja15, you're retarded lol. Kim Jong Il is from North Korea, not China. And they have real nuclear weapons; you know it.

But anyway, the game was great. I'd love to see a sequel in the future.