Reviews for "Political Duel"

Needed More characters

It was cool, but you should have included mussolini,hitler,fidel castro and stalin.

funny stuff

You know, I think your on to something here! we really should just stick all these guys in a death match and let them kill each other, that way we don't have to have any stupid wars. ;-)

Game was great. Best flash fighter I have ever played. I thought the moves were hilarious... by the way, what was bush shielding himself with? It looked like the ten commandments or something! haha.


I'm completely surprised. Most flash fighting games are clunky, and somewhat unfun. If I hadn't have played this, I would have lumped it in with the rest. You've got some excellent gameplay ideas here and one of the most interesting special systems I've ever seen. It's like Super Smash Brothers but simpler and in flash. Make more games with awesome gameplay.

freeworldgroup responds:

woohoo! Glad you liked it : - )

this should be the 1 thing on Newgrounds

Even though you made good choices of them it was still A little short on characters if you ask me,you should have put in tony blair ,condileeza rice,john carrey,and maybe al gore.and the ones the guy before me listed would be nice too.It would kick so much ass if you made it so you could fight other people over the internet

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks - if we make a new version we'll probably add many more characters.

Great work

It's awsome but you definatly need to add more people to play and to fight because the game was so short.

I recommend the following players:

- Cheney
- hillary clinton
- Ghandi
- Zombie hitler
- Mao
- Fidel Castro

freeworldgroup responds:

yep, thanks : - )